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March 23rd, 2009
The good:   I had followed 45 days programme and lost 10% of my body weight ie. from 74.4 kgs to 67.2kgs [7.2kgs.].the best part of the programme is you have a coach who is helping you and you get educated in the process. There is nutrilite organic supplement, the worlds no.1 , whose intake during the programme help you to have greater energy, and look and feel better.
The bad:   nothing.
Overall:   I am a HP coach now and helping people to loose weight sensibily. It is the fast and very effective programme. Since you get educated during the programme and you will be knowing how to keep off the excess for ever.

Reviewer: bhatjiaruna

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February 27th, 2009
The good:   Im a personal trainer and have been have been using this program with my pt clients. it is an excellent program that not only makes my clients lose weight, but lose a large % of bodyfat (especially around the waist!). The best thing about this program is that it is a controlled weight loss and food education program. Also it encourages you to eat, if your hungry eat! Dont starve yourself (but make sure u eat the right foods).
The bad:   none
Overall:   Healthpointe 2.0 is a great program, cant find anything wrong with it and my clients who have followed it have gotten and are still getting amazing results (quick weight loss, huge decreases in bodyfat % and girth measurements, sustained energy)
I recommend this program to anyone serious about achieving both short long term weight loss and being able to sustain it!

Reviewer: wlanca

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January 16th, 2009
The good:   You get results SO fast. You have heaps of Energy! You don't have to get a sweat up when exercising - you just walk. You are never ever hungry. These are things I hear every day from my clients.
The bad:   Trying to convince people that the results you see are SO realistic and sustainable. With so much rubbish in the market place some people have lost confidence that their really is a senisble approach out there that isn't a DIET.
Overall:   I am a Personal Trainer (now a weight loss coach) and have had some incredible success with my clients whilst using the HealthPointe program.I cannot reccomend it more highly as a healthly approach to Fat loss and as a tool for growing my business.

Reviewer: Unknown

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January 12th, 2009
The good:   I gained SOOO much more energy throughout the day, not just after meals. It really is the most logical program ever. The CD's made a big difference to the way I thought about my diet. Supplimentation has added years to my cell life (my doctor told me after a follow up cell health test)!! Can't get much better than that.
The bad:   Nothing
Overall:   Do what they say, and live a better life!! Use the protein bars to snack, suppliment, educate and watch the results.

Reviewer: Unknown

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January 10th, 2009
The good:   In 2002 I was at 240lbs 6'1 and obese! Within 100 days of getting my doctors permission to use My Health Pointe, I had dropped to 180. Yes, 60lbs. It was fun, and I did not mind the Protein days one bit because I always had my program snacks handy for cravings and they worked.
The bad:   I had to buy new clothes :)
Overall:   When I started I had a bad attitude, but within the first 24 hours I was feeling better, seeing the weight melt off, and well excited about my future with improved health. This is the best program I have ever seen, and I liked how my skin tightened up as well. Hey, it's guaranteed so why not.

Reviewer: Unknown

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December 4th, 2008
The good:   It's an education in nutrition and it's about eating real food. The protein bars are great as I went cold turkey with chocolate. They helped me stay on track plus the kilos that start to come off very early in the program.
The bad:   Must say I didn't like the protein only days. Really messed with digestive system. I really need my fruit and veg.
Overall:   the best and easiest way to lose weight. It lets you see the mistakes in your eating habits. I can now wear the clothes I have wanted to wear for years.

Reviewer: Unknown

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September 11th, 2007
The good:   Fast results, worked for my whole family and my friends, never hungry
The bad:   People who still believe the 'low fat=weight loss' lie always want to argue about it. Get onboard and feel great!!
Overall:   Nothing else I ever tried came close to the same results. I lost 25 kilos in 4 months, haven't had a cold in 18 months since I started taking the vitamins and feel great everytime I eat a protein bar instead of a chocolate bar. I've changed the eating habits of my entire family and my kids look great and can keep up with them again!!

Reviewer: yzerdunn
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August 28th, 2007
The good:   Easy to follow great fast results and never hungry.
The bad:   to easy people dont beleive it works hahaha
Overall:   Best weight lose / management program available. Very easy to follow and great results. see a change in your body and energy levels within the first week. wake up in the morning and feel good.

Reviewer: Unknown
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August 22nd, 2007
The good:   Works better than anything out there ! Easy to follow.
The bad:   Miss pasta
Overall:   This is not a Diet it's a lifestyle change, with real result and they are long term. You don't pick up all your weight afterwards. For great quick results that LAST this is the program

Reviewer: Unknown

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August 15th, 2007
The good:   I think this is the best program be in good shape
The bad:   no cons.
Overall:   the that I have heard about, I recomend this program to everybody who want to have a good looking. and the nutrilite products are the best

Reviewer: diamante

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