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 "The best incentive is everyone saying how toned  I am looking"

I have been going to bpactive for one year now. From one session a week I have totally changed my shape.I  can't wait to get there each week. Training with a couple of others really helps to keep you going and Ben pushes you to the next level just when you don't think you have it in you. I used to go to the gym up to 3 sessions a week but never got results like this and would find every excuse under the sun not to go.I have to go to Ben  every week as I would hate the others to get ahead of me!!! 
I guess the best incentive is everyone saying how toned  I am looking!!  You are stuck with me forever Ben!!!!!
Kim McChlery


 I have lost weight and centimetres from all over!

I have been attending group training for about a year now and really look forward to our weekly session. There is no doubt that it is hard work but the results are worth it! I have lost weight and centimetres from all over, but more importantly I feel better than I ever have. My energy levels are much higher and I feel strong and healthy. I have found that unless I make the commitment to a weekly training session, I probably won't exercise on my own.
Training with a group is fun and Ben makes sure that I put in a level of effort that I know I wouldn't push myself to do at home. I thoroughly recommend it.
Carol Pease


 Looking for a whole new wardrobe

In November 2006 when I attended a wedding I found nothing fitted. I used to drive past bpactiveeveryday.....I thought I should call in. Well I did and they got me started. My starting weight was 93.9kg, after 2 weeks, a few workout sessions and a 40 minute walk every day, my weight dropped to 91.4kg
Then they put me on Weight Loss made Simple....WHAT A GREAT PROGRAM (didn't think I could do it).Now 6 weeks later, I feel heaps better and am now looking for a whole new wardrobe. I am now down to 83.0 kg
 Dave Lewis lost 8kg's in 6 weeks


No gastric bypass surgery for me

My name is Claude Bovee and I would like to tell you a story that I think is of great importance to a number of overweight people. On May 23, 1995, I fell from a scaffold less than 6 feet high. I had several major injuries including a broken left knee, loss of 4 inches of femur, broken right arm and elbow, broken left arm and damaged right leg. It was 2 years before I could get around on my own.

My health suffered most. I gained 38kg's, my blood pressure went out of sight and diabetes set in among other health complications. In May of 2002, I saw a picture of myself and could hardly believe that it was me. I knew I had to do something soon. In June, I scheduled Gastric Bypass surgery for September 2002. An angel that my wife works with said Please don't let him do that as there are so many things that can go wrong! and introduced me to this program. I said I would give it a try while I waited for my surgery.
The program is outstanding and in just 6 months I have lost 52kg's. My doctor has even given me a clean bill of health and I only need to see him once a year for a physical. I hope this story will help some of you to achieve what I have.
Claude Bovee lost 52 kgs in 6 months



I ate my way to my goal

Owning one of the largest real estate offices in Southern New Mexico, my work days looked like this: run around for 18 hours, grab dinner, sleep for 4 hours and start all over again.  The menu was simple: 15-18 cokes a day mixed with candy bars anything to keep me going.

In 6 years I went from a 6"3, 98kg athletic, happy person, to a 155kg overstressed business executive. Then I heard about this program. I said If I understand correctly, I'm big, I'm fat and I need to eat more? That's the premise.

Over the next 8 months I ate my way to 49kg's of weight loss. You want to know what this program means to me? It means:
- Beating the elevator up 3 flights of stairs 
- Never seeing fear on the faces of people in an airplane as you walk down the aisle and hope you don't sit next to them! 
- Not having to hear Southwest Airlines say sir, have you ever considered purchasing 2 tickets? You may be more comfortable that way.

Some say it's a diet, others say it's a program, but really it's a way for you to take control of your life back. 
Britt Cowell lost 49kg's in 8 months



I never dreamed I would love to shop!

My weight had never been as low as I would have preferred since the 3rd grade. My mum used to say I was just growing out faster than I was growing up. Unfortunately, my height never caught up. 

I tried multiple things and became frustrated with the basically non existent results and my continual focus and obsessive thoughts about food. Nothing worked! 

This program came along when I was feeling depressed about growing out of all my fat clothes, and disgusted by the prospect of shopping for even bigger clothes. It was incredible. I could finally put a stop tothose obsessive thoughts about not eating.  

I lost a total of 25kg's and three dress sizes. Then the most exciting thing happened I had fun shopping for clothes and they looked good in the dressing room! I never dreamed I would have that experience in my life. I have maintained my weight loss for over six months now. 
Freda Mann lost 25 kgs in under 6 months



I had given up ever getting back to 60kg!

After training at a gym for 8 months I achieved minimal change and no weight loss. I had given up on ever getting back to my 60kg weight
However with the Weight Loss made Simple program being simple and realistic I have achieved in 6 weeks what I had set out to achieve 8 months ago.
My intial weight was 67.3 kg and today I weigh in at 60.1kg. I have lost cm all over, I am leaner and extremely happy. All this is a result of exercise and the Weight Loss made Simple program.
I highly recommend this program to anyone considering losing weight the smart weigh!
Katherine Morris lost 7.2kg in 6 weeks


 This is the best I've felt in 20 years

I began the Weight Loss made Simple program in October, 2005 under the training and supervision of Ben Physick, weighing in at 104kg. One year later, I'm down to 84kg and being able to easily maintain that weight.
I feel as though I have a new lease of life. Apart from the weight loss, my cholesterol levels are down, and my blood pressure and resting pulse rate have been significantly reduced. I feel as though I have heaps of energy every day and undoubtedly this is the best I've felt in 20 years. My waist size has gone from a 38" to a 34" and I've had to invest in a completely new wardrobe.
This program has absolutely changed my life and for anyone fair dinkum about doing something about their weight, this is certainly the way to go.
-Neil Barrowcliff lost 20 kilo's


 I can jog 3 km in under 20

I have trained weekly with Ben for around three years. In that time my weight has dropped from 105 kg to 83 kg, my strength and flexibility greatly improved, and proudly, I can jog 3 km in under 20 minutes - something I'd never thought possible when walking for 20 minutes was tiring.
Ben has inspired me to continue exercising by celebrating the personal bests and encouraging me to do just one more repetition, when I think I'm done and to do one more boxing set when my arms are trembling. His workouts  are always different, fun and challenging. He has a passion for learning new things and sharing ideas on health and fitness and his enthusiasm is contagious.
Ben is genuinely interested in his clients, their goals and helping them to remain focussed on being as healthy as they can be.  I am fitter and healthier then I have ever been as an adult and part of this can be attributed to having regular personal training sessions with Ben.
Felicity Burton has lost almost 40kg's since starting at bpactive