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Ben Physick - Health and Lifestyle Speaker


If you are looking for a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach or Motivational Speaker who is dynamic, well credentialed, 'walks-the-talk' and is inspiring, then look no further than Ben Physick.

Ben has a firm belief that WEIGHT LOSS & WELLNESS really is a simple game when you're provided with the right tools and advice. To date he has achieved some absolutely amazing weight loss results with his clients.  Whether it be health or wealth, Ben's philosophy is that absolutely everyone can have their OPTIMAL LIFE
Ben's dream and vision is to make a difference in the world and provide weight loss solutions for ALL, not just the people that can afford a personal trainer. He is 100% committed to dispelling the myths behind exercise & weight loss as well as uncovering the lies about Carbohydrates and Fats. With this passion and belief, it is no wonder Ben is in such high demand. 

To book Ben please go through his management  Book Ben Physick HERE