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Our Facilities


The key to running a successful Personal Training Facility is having the right equipment. At bpactive we have everything you need without all the extra rubbish.

bpactive has no membership's, costly joining fees or contracts. Our facilities cater for the client who wants to have a quick, fun workout without any hassel. Parking is never an issue and with quick and easy access you can be on your way after a workout in seconds.


Free Weights

Australian Barbell Company (Pyramid rack 1kg - 20kg)- To change the shape of your body you need to lift weights. Our weights go up in the smallest possible increments to cater for all strength levels.


X Trainer

Enjoy the low impact workout with a cardio fat burning workout on the running simulator


Spin Bike

Johhny G Spinner - Top of the range spin bike. Nothing is a sturdy and smooth as a this bike!!


Multi stationed weight area

Bench Press, Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Chin up bar, Squat Rack etc - To keep your muscles and bones strong its non negotiable.....everyone has to do weights training. 30 minutes once a week is all you need. Call for an absolutely no obligation complimentary 30 minute weights session.



Use the concept 2 rowing machine for a full body workout. When used correctly rowing is an awesome cardio workout. See if your up to setting the pace in the bpactive 500m challenge


Stretching Area

Relax after a hard workout with a full body stretch from your Personal Trainer. Their is nothing quite like being stretched by someone else....not to mention the relaxing neck and shoulder massage!!


Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our facilities.